Tuesday, January 22, 2013

November 25, 2012 Meeting Minutes

WINTONBURY LAND TRUST November 25, 2012, 52 Duncaster Road, Bloomfield

Present:  Dale Bertoldi, Paula Jones, Vic Herson, Kevin Gough, Zellene Sandler, Chip Caton


1.      Special Projects/Announcements.  In addition to announcements a) to d) below that were listed in the agenda, there was one additional announcement.  See e) below.

a)      CLCC Regional Land Trust Round Table is Tuesday, December 11, 7-8:30pm, Granby Senior Center, 15 No. Granby Rd., Granby, CT. http://www.ctconservation.org/clcchostsregionaldirectorssummitseries

b)      Vita Nuova LLC announces the next in its Sustainability Series Webinars, "Moving RCRA Sites toward a Sustainable Future: A Case Study," on November 30. Webinar presenters include Mary Sanderson of the U.S. EPA, Office of Site Remediation Restoration; J. Monz, of Updike, Kelly  Spellacy, P.C.; and Russell Downey of Pfizer Inc. This webinar will focus on the approach used at the Pharmacia and Upjohn site in North Haven, now under remediation. Register at http://bit.ly/S2XrIX

c)      CLCC’s 2013 Land Conservation Conference scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd at Wesleyan.  The theme is “Can Open Space Be Permanently Protected?”

d)     New England Trail Fellow: a new one-year National Park Service internship will be based in the Appalachian Mountain Club's (AMC) New England Trail office in Amherst, Massachusetts. Student Conservation Association: http://www.thesca.org/, Internship Title: NPS RTCA Amherst - National Scenic Trail Fellow, Position # PO-00196202

e)      Other:  1. Zellene announced that the Connecticut Ornithological Association has $1500 available for small grant awards to improve bird habitat.  See http://www.ctbirding.org/minigrantguide.htm   2.  Dale announced that Connecticut Forest and Park Association (CFPA) had helped relocate a trail on Bloomfield Fish and Game Property so that it’s clear of the hunting area.  He reported CFPA had done a great job.


2.      Organizational Assessment and Strategic Plan- CCLC Challenge Grant

a)      Standards for Action – Paula reported no progress since last month.

b)      CCLC grant update – Chip reported he had one $1,000 contribution, and one $1,000 pledge. Vic reported he has made a number of contacts. 


3.      Committee Reports

a) Acquisitions: Stouts Fields was held up by NRCS’ computer program change.  Funds have been issued and the new closing date should be in the next couple weeks. DEEP is commenting on the Lisa Lane survey and the Land Trust is pricing a new appraisal for the NRCS portion of the funding.  Hawk Hill has NRCS grant and is awaiting DEEP announcement. 

b) Financial: Current account status: Checking $169.84; General Liability insurance paid in November, includes $50,000 on building at 490 Old Day Hill Road; general savings $16,852.89 and restricted savings of $168,028.56. Stout closing will use $81,250 for land purchase and $2000 for legal closing costs. Stout restricted funds are $93,000. Taxes due will be $3300 due in January 2012, again in July 2012, with final payment in January 2013. Vikki will start a letter requesting the fields be returned to 490 status and coordinate this with the assessor and John Stout.  

c) Events:  The Lisa Lane Farm celebration (hosted by farmer Desmond) was very good.  Relatives and friends of Desmond from Queens who help Desmond with the planting attended the celebration.  We agreed that we should also offer to help Desmond with the planting next spring.

Wintonbury Wine and Dine- Chip will check with Patrick Sullivan to firm up a date.

Stouts Fields Celebration – We discussed various ideas of how to showcase this soon-to-be latest acquisition. 

Events Calendar – The idea of publishing an events calendar on our website was discussed.

d)     Stewardship: 1. Thrall Barn roofing quote is just under $10,000; current stewardship funds are $2,174 with an additional $10,000 pledged. We have funding up to 50% of the cost in Historic Barn Grant; we’ve received $4,500 of that grant money.  If the roof is completed prior to year end, we will be short on cash by about $3,000 to pay the contractor.  A motion was made to provide bridge funding from general savings if this scenario occurs.  The Thrall stewardship fund will be replenished by the $10,000 pledge payment in early 2013.  The motion passed unanimously.  Paula and Kevin reported that there is a meeting with Windsor Town staff on November 27th to provide an update on the Thrall Farm project.  Vikki will also participate in that meeting, along with Judi and Donald Sedor of Newgate Farms.   2.  Van Otterloo needs some trail maintenance.  Dale will schedule a date and send an e-mail asking for volunteers.  3.  Speer Preserve also needs some maintenance work.  3.  Stouts – Our expectation is that after the close, NRCS will suggest a management plan.  Butterfly surveys could be done there; turkeys have been nesting in the wet area on the property.  Mowing should be done at specific times.  Zellene would be happy to be a technical resource for the management of the property.

e) Membership: No new memberships

f)       Grants: We have applied for a $49,999 Ag Viability Grant from the Farm Viability Program.  The funds would be used for capital improvements to Thrall Barn.

g)      Board Positions and subcommittee positions

a.       Additional members,  community outreach – not discussed

b.      Need Membership chair – not discussed

c.       The board thanks Tami Hochman for all her enthusiasm and hard work.


4.      Next meeting Date: Sunday, January 20.


Recorded by Paula Jones

Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Sunday, January 20, 2012, 7:00 pm, 52  Duncaster Road, Bloomfield

1.    Minutes Approval
2.    Special Projects/Announcements
a)       2013 Connecticut Land Conservation Conference,"Can Open Space be Permanently Protected?", Saturday, March 23, 2013 at Wesleyan University, Middletown, *:30am - 4:45pm (conference)
b)       Martin Luther King, Jr. 13th Legacy of Environmental and Social Justice at Yale Peabody Museum January 20 at 12-4:00 and 21th at 10:00-4:30.
c)       Uconn/MDC Hearing on January 22, at 7:00 PM at UCONN Health Center  in the Munson Building, 16 Munson Road, Farmington.
d)       7th Annual Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources (CCNR) on Monday, March 18, 2013 at the University of Connecticut. Early registration is in effect until Monday, March 4, 2013.  General registration is $50.00 and Student registration is $25.00. Please register at www.regonline.com/ccnr2013<http://www.regonline.com/ccnr2013>.
3.    Organizational Assessment and Strategic Plan
a)       Standards for Action, Minutes and Membership
CCLC grant update. Hartford Foundation
4.    Committee Reports- come with report prepared
a)       Acquisitions: Stouts Fields closed December 21. Lisa Lane survey is done, Marc Needleman is ordering title report. A new appraisal for the NRCS portion of the funding will be done mid-February, Hawk Hill has NRCS grant and DEEP open space grant.  The open space committee updated the Bloomfield Town Council on January 14. Set meeting for committee.
b)       Open Space: DEEP Trails Grant 2013 - 2014 grant round - The deadline: March 29, 2013.  To facilitate the distribution of funds as soon as they become available, this solicitation will cover funds that may be available in federal fiscal year 2013 or 2014; funding levels are not guaranteed.  Application at: http://www.ct.gov/dep/lib/dep/outdoor_recreation/trails/recreational_trails_app.doc>
c)       Financial- end 2012 account balances: Checking $7,719.84 general savings $18,474.08 and restricted savings of $83,301.41. Vikki working on paper work for 490 status for Stout Fields. She is coordinating with the assessor and John Stout. Set meeting for committee.
d)       Events:
Wintonbury Trust Wine and Dine- March 2013, 80-90 people at 10 host homes- (chair Patrick Sullivan)
Stouts Fields Celebration, Earth Day
Earth Day at Hawk Hill and Hikes in February and March featuring the Wintonbury Trail.
Trail Day
e)       Community Outreach: The Early Learning Center at 73 Rockwell Ave. in April has room for community offices and meeting space.  They would like to start a gardening program in the vicinity.
The Dunlandwood Garden Club and the library are each putting up $200 to bring Margaret Roach later this year. Does the WLT want to put in $200 and co-sponsor?
f)        Stewardship: Thrall Barn Roofing Roof: $5000 Stewardship funds received for Roof. Roofing status. Farming grants status. Additional $500 from Historic Barn at finish and payment of roof. Status of 400 Old Windsor Road.
g)       Membership: membership list discussion
h)       Stewardship: Thrall Roof and grants
i)         Board Positions and subcommittee positions
    1. Additional members,  community outreach
    2. Need Membership Chair
5.    Next meeting Dates: Sunday, February 24, 7:00, March  24, 7:00.