Wednesday, February 22, 2012

November 29, 2011, Meeting

WINTONBURY LAND TRUST , 52 Duncaster Road, Bloomfield

Present: Vic Herson, John Stout, Wendy Wolcott, Patrick Sullivan, Kevin Gough, Chip Caton, Dale Bertoldi, Vikki Reski, Paula Jones

1) Special Projects - Regarding the CCLC challenge grant, Chip reported that some revisions had been made to the consultant contract template (to contract with Sharon Danofsky.) The Organizational Assessment Board Retreat is set for December 4th at Hannah Roditi’s.

2) Fundraising Projects

a. Stout Fields update: Chip reported that a fundraising letter (as a reminder for pledges made) was sent out. A total of $160,000 in pledges has been made. The closing for this property will likely be in the first six months of 2012, so we need to have the pledge dollars in hand. Rich McDermott will appraise the property by early January, which will then give us the amount of the NRCS grant.

b. Lisa Lane update: We have a $10,000 check in hand from an anonymous donor. The DEEP grant amount is $195,000; the NRCS grant amount is $89,000. As reported in October, there are a couple of areas of minor encroachment that need to be addressed. This will delay the close on this property. NRCS has asked for an environmental study; DEEP records are being checked. Generally, farming practices have been organic, with mild pesticides used on pest outbreaks. Since WLT will hold a conservation easement on this property, we will need to be proactive with any issues. The concept of a management committee consisting of members from various interested stakeholders (e.g., Community representatives, CEEC subcommittee, DEEP, WLT) was discussed.

c. Thrall property update: The CT Trust for Historic Preservation “pre-application” for the 2012 Barn Grants has been submitted. We will be advised on whether or not to proceed with the full application based on the merits of our pre-application. The potato barn has been cleaned out – a contractor did the work with payment being the scrap metal he removed. The oak tree that fell on the roof during the October storm has been removed, and the roof has been repaired (again.) The meeting we had planned with the farmer, Jiff Martin, and Kip Kolesinskas for early November was cancelled due to the October snowstorm. It will be rescheduled for January.

3) Committee Reports

a. Events: Regarding the holiday celebration at the Golf Course, we agreed that a weekend night would be preferable for scheduling. Diane Mack has offered to help with planning. There will be an ongoing slide show at the celebration to highlight the work WLT has done this year. WLT received a $300 donation to help defray costs of the event.

b. Stewardship: CL&P - Capewell Greene planting is finished (6 Shrubs.) Downed trees from the October snowstorm reported at Tunxis, Capewell Greene and Cohen.

d. Financial: Kevin Gough and Pat Sullivan both agreed to serve on the Financial Committee. WLT is looking to purchase a new laptop; Jay is researching the model we are considering.

4) New Business: D&O Insurance – Tami is getting a quote from Chubb. Bike Tour – Vic Herson will chair the bike tour committee.

5) Next Meeting Date: Tentative date February 9th, 7:00 pm at 52 Duncaster Road.

Celebrate 2012

Over 75 people attended the Wintonbury Land Trust’s Celebrate 2011 on January 20, 2012. The fellowship in the town owned facility at Wintonbury Hills Golf Course was evident as land trust celebrated a year of accomplishments and volunteer activities coordinated in 2011.

Special thanks was offered to Rep. David Baram who coordinated and presented to the Wintonbury Land Trust an Official Citation from the State of Connecticut General Assembly in recognition of accomplishments including: Stout’s Fields, Lisa Lane Community Farm, Thrall Potato Barn and Farm, LaSalette Trail. The land trust would also like to thank Rep Matt Ritter, Senator Eric Colman and Senator Beth Bye for introducing the Citation to the Assembly.

Additional important guests included Bloomfield Mayor Sydney Schulman Town Councilman Joan Gamble, newly elected Council Members Donna Banks and Joe Washington, Town Engineer Jonathan Thiesse, Blue Hills Avenue Neighborhood Association’s Jimmy Davis and DEEP Doris Johnson.

Special recognition was given to Mayor Sydney Schulman , Councilman Joseph Merritt and Bloomfield CEEC chair Tollie Miller for their encouragement, cooperation and support for Lisa Lane, Stouts Fields and the Agricultural Viability Grant.

Friday, February 10, 2012

WINTONBURY LAND TRUST Meeting Sunday, February 19, 2012, 4:00-7:00 pm

Sunday, February 19, 2012, 4:00-7:00 pm, 52 Duncaster Road, Bloomfield

  1. Fund Raising Projects Projects

a. Stout Fields: NRCS grasslands status.

b. Hawk Hill/ LaSalette Trail: Letter of intent, town support and grants.

c. Lisa Lane: NRCS and DEEP status. Septic Field.

d. Thrall: Roof grant and Historical status. Contract with farmer, clearing and wetlands.

  1. Special Projects
    1. CCLC Challenge Grant
    2. Celebrate 2012. Thank you Diane Mack, Anne Farnum and Lois Hager for organization. Thank you letters were written by Diane Mack and Vikki Reski.
    3. Duncaster Scenic Road
  1. Board Positions and subcommittee positions
    1. Financial Subcomittee meeting are beginning. Vikki believes that as we develop guidelines, a new treasurer will have a position that is better defined.
    2. Begin talking to new Town council members for ideas to further diversity in board. Fundraising Projects.
    3. Membership Corresponding Secretary- Wendy Wilcox has stepped forward.
  1. Committee Reports

a. Membership: Hannah’s research beginning after consultant work.

b. Stewardship: CL&P, VanOtterloo trail work, future projects (Juniper Road Trail).

c. Grants: Ag Viability/ the 1772 Foundation/ Barn Grants

d. Financial: Financials on quick books and excel. 2011 financials and budget.

e. Marketing: Rotary Club of Bloomfield at the Duncaster

f. Events chair needed.

New Business: Meeting dates.