Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thrall Parcel

Donated December 2007 by Win-Stanley Properties, this parcel represents the only land owned by Wintonbury Land Trust that is in Windsor.

This property was once part of the Thrall Tobacco Farm Holdings in Windsor. Its history is preserved forever when in the 1960’s this property was used in a film entitled ‘Parish”. In fact the two barns and pond that still remain on the WLT parcel were used in several scenes as background to the film. Most of the meadowland near pond has succession overgrown transitioning to forest. There is a staggering of fruit trees near the two barns on the property. Once past the roadway growth, one can easily walk this property unencumbered on established paths while envisioning the prosperous ‘Tobacco Valley’ farm industry.

Monday, April 13, 2009

March Meeting


Sunday, March 1, 2008, 2:00-3:00 pm
52 Duncaster Road, Bloomfield
Present: David Sullivan, Dale Bertoldi, Tamara Hochman,

Chip Caton and Vikki Reski

1. Approved Agenda and meeting notes 11/19/08.
2. 200 acres is the limit of the current property insurance.

The Land Trust currently owns 175 acres. David stated that the
State of Connecticut laws protect volunteers of nonprofit organizations
from lawsuits.
3. New Vice President Chip Canton was elected.
4. April Annual meeting date April 26 rain date May 3 at the tobacco

barn on 490 Old Day Hill Road Parcel.
5. Tamara presented a web page proposal and it was agreed that

she would proceed. David wanted to upfront the cost of set up. The
Blog at www.wintonburylandtrust.blogspot.com is currently active.
6. Membership discussion reviewed a new membership form

and discussed options on membership drive.
a) Vikki will look into a table at Earth Day celebration on Town

Green April 18 or 25.
b) Land Stewards after joining the land trust the first year have

membership fees waived for the period of serving. Responsibilities
at present consist of a yearly report, which would be posted on the
blog with updates there as needed. Stewards are encouraged to
visit the land once a month and act as a neighborhood representative.
The Steward Program is to act as documentation of our supervision
of properties entrusted to us.
c) Chip will look into setting up a display/table at Wades for membership.
d) Dale and Tamara will contact Linda and Claudia.
e) News release on the new officers of the land trust.
f) Active board of directors are the officers of the Land Trust, David Sullivan

and Chuck Agnano.
7. Review of Properties
a) The mapping with town has begun. Vikki will meet with Thangu to provide

some outstanding info from the WLT files. We will also discuss graphics for
the web site maps.
b) Acquisition of new properties #16 Tunxis Heights from Beaudry and

#17 513 Simsbury Road Beacon Financial
c) Roof work at #15 from Winstanley Barn # 1, Renaming parcel Thrall

Farm or Parrish Parcel.
d) Additional research on boundaries of # 11 Schaffer Properties has

confirmed the boundaries of the 45.7 acre parcel to be the entire back piece.
e) Tumblebrook parcel- is owned by Cigna. No recent activity.
8. Adjourn

Annual Meeting
Wintonbury Land Trust

Sunday, April 26th

Thrall Parcel
490 Old Day Hill Road

Barn #1

Wintonbury Land Trust
For more information call

van Otterloo Preserve

Donated December 1995 by Mr. And Mrs. Van Otterloo. The 9 acres of wooded hillside property with pond and dam, buffers Balbrae and West Hartford.

This property is directly accessible from Mountain Rd. and parallels the MDC right of way. The lower part of this parcel was which has since overgrown; the remains of the perimeter field stonewalls are still visible. As this property extends westward it gently rises to a beautiful pond feature that was once part of the van Otterloo Estate. A section of the dam has eroded lowering the water elevation; however one can still experience the towering pine stand surrounding the pond and discover the footbridge and path to the south - remnants of an earlier age. This property continues about ¼ mile due west, and ends near the MDC reservoirs.