Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keep Bloomfield Farming - Tuesday 02/01/2011

This meeting will be the first of two on agriculture in Bloomfield. Please Join Us!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Agenda:1-22-2011, 3:00-4:00 pm, 52 Duncaster Road

1. Call to Order/ approval of minutes.

2. Fundraising Project.
a) Lisa Lane
b) Thrall Barn Project and Grants
c) Stout Fields- informational kiosks at the top and bottom of Stout's fields
d) Hawk Hill

3. Garden & Art Tour and Bike Tour.

4. Review of Properties

5. Committee Reports
a) Acquisitions: Land offered for donation
b) Membership: New Members, Committee chair?
c) Marketing: Ag Viability Grant, Thrall, Newsletter
d) Stewardship: New form, New Stewards
e) Grants: Ag Viability/ Conway School of Landscape Design, NRCS grants
f) Yearly Financial Report

6. Map on web site was updated.

7. Presentations
a) Town of Bloomfield CEEC and Town Council
b) Other Presentations: The Duncaster, ING, Town of Windsor and BIZhub.
8. Ct. Trails Day and Earth Day Walk
9. Meeting Dates. Alternate Third Sunday and Wednesday? Next meeting February 20.

10. New Business; Geocaching Workshop, Trails Day, Annual Hike

11. Adjourn