Sunday, February 27, 2011

Park Watershed Revitalization Initiative Park Water Arts

Mar. 1 Ecological Perspectives: Michael Bennett, Professor of English, Long Island University, ”Urban Cultural Ecology: A River Runs Through I.T.” 7:30 pm, Dana 201 (Mali 1); University of Hartford

Mar. 4 WaterWorks: Sounds, Noises, Images and Music from the Park River Watershed — collaborative project between the Connecticut Historical Society and the Hartt School of Music and Hartford Art Schools of the University of Hartford in the new micro-gallery (a reclaimed telephone booth) at CHS Ongoing to April 30, Connecticut Historical Society

Mar. 8 Ecological Perspectives: Richard Freund, Director, Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies and Professor, History Department, University of Hartford, “The Greatest Environmental Catastrophes of Antiquity: What We Can Learn From the Past.” With support from the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies 7:30 pm, Dana 201 (Mali 1); University of Hartford

Mar. 13 The Wind Journeys, Colombian film by Ciro Guerra, ravishing cinematography of Columbian landscape 2:00 pm, Aetna Theatre, Wadsworth Atheneum Mid-March Learning About Watersheds— exhibition by Visual Communication Design students, Hartford Art School Mortensen Library, University of Hartford

Mar. 21 The River (Le Fleuve) Jean Renoir, 1951 1:30 pm, Screening: Discussion to follow, Real Art Ways

Mar. 22 Water at Our Doorstep—full day symposium on the past, present, and future of the Park River Watershed. Sponsored by the University of Hartford Humanities Center;College of Arts and Sciences, President’s College, Mortensen Library, Art History Department, and English Department. 9:30 am-5:30 pm, Wilde Auditorium, University of Hartford

Mar. 22 Ecological Perspectives: Mary Miss—lecture by internationally known environmental artist. Sponsored by the Humanties Center and the Joseloff Gallery, Hartford Art School. 7:30 pm, Wilde Auditorium, University of Hartford

Mar. 22 World Water Day; Water for Cities

Mar. 31 Night at the Museum—Central CT State University collaborative events at the New Britian Museum of American Art, focusing on water. 1:00 pm-8:00 pm New Britain Museum of American Art

Throughout April River Myths—exhibition of illustrations of myths of the Park River, collaboration of creative writing and illustration students, College of Arts and Sciences and Hartford Art School Mortensen Library, University of Hartford

April 5 Ecological Perspectives: Andrew Light Director of the Center for Global Ethics, George Mason University, and Senior Fellow and Coordinator for International Policy, Center for American Progress, Washington, D.C., “Finding a Future for Climate Ethics” 7:30 pm, Dana 201, (Mali 1); University of Hartford

April 7 Water, Life, and a Changing Planet—Conference including scientists, planners and ecologists. Sponsored by the Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition (GESAC) at Central Connecticut State University Specific sites see GESAC Symposium

April 11 Hog River Clean-Up—spring clean up of the Park River, organized by Prof. Wick Griswold. Sponsored by Hillyer College, University of Hartford 11:30 am, meeting place: driving bridge between Mortensen Library and Lincoln Theatre

April 12 Elizabeth Burt, Professor, School of Communication, University of Hartford, “John Muir’s Press Campaign for Preserving the National Forests” 7:30 pm, Dana 201 (Mali 1); University of Hartford

April 21 Mary Miss—retrospective exhibition and exterior installation on the status of the Park River on the University of Hartford campus. Panel discussion 2:00 pm-3:30 pm Opening 5:00 pm-7:00 pm Exhibition: April 22-May Ongoing to May 29 Joseloff Gallery, Hartford Art School, University of Hartford

Every Thursday (year round) Farmer’s Markets 3:30 pm-6:00 pm, The Studio at Billings Forge


Central Connecticut State University www.ccsu.ed, Connecticut Forest and Park Association, Connecticut Historical Society, Connecticut Explored, New Britain Museum of American Art, Real Art Ways, The Studio at Billings Forge, Trinity College, University of Hartford, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

With Park Watershed Revitalization Initiative, Park Water Arts coordinates art actions and events that draw attention to the history, present condition, and future design of the Park River Watershed in central Connecticut. Its events enrich public awareness of the relationship of art, landscape, and urban design to water quality and cultural sustainability. It is supported by arts and cultural organizations throughout the watershed.


Sherry Buckberrough

Mary Rickel Pelletier

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wintonbury Land Trust February 27 Meeting

Agenda WINTONBURY LAND TRUST Sunday, February 27, 2011, 3:00-4:00 pm

52 Duncaster Road, Bloomfield

1) Call to Order/ approval of minutes.

2) Special Projects

a) Garden & Art Tour

b) Bike Tour

c) Connecticut Trails Day Hikes

d) Farm Meeting: March 1, 7:00-9:00 at the Senior Center, 330 Park

3)Fund-raising Projects

a) Lisa Lane

b) Thrall Barn Project

c) Stout Fields

d) Hawk Hill

4) Review of Properties

5) Committee Reports

a) Membership: New Members, Committee chair

b) Stewardship: New form, New Stewards, geocaching

c) Marketing: Ag Viability Grant, Newsletter

d) Acquisitions: Land offered for donation

e) Grants: Ag Viability/ Conway School of Landscape Design, NRCS grants

6) Presentations

a) Town of Bloomfield CEEC and Town Council

b) Other Presentations: The Duncaster, ING, Town of Windsor and BIZhub.

7) Meeting Dates. Alternate Third Sunday and Wednesday? Next meeting March 20.

8) New Business; Geocaching Workshop, Annual Hike/ Work party

9) Adjourn

Friday, February 18, 2011

January 22, 2011 Meeting Notes

Present: David Sullivan, Chip Caton, Catherine Lyons, Dale Bertoldi, Vikki Reski, Jay Stoccatore, Himali Shah, Tamara Hochmann, Vic Herson, Paula Jones and Kevin Gough

1. Discussion on a donation of 35 acres of higher elevation land with stipulation of being maintained as a public park in a similar manner to McLean Refuge. Dale will begin discussions about the layout and materials used in proposed park with owner representative and for additional background information with Mclean staff. Existing structures are a concern.

2. Fundraising Project.

a) Lisa Lane- Open Space Sub-committee has started discussions with Hartford Foundation for Giving and State Representatives to obtain additional $105,000 needed to finish the grant funding.

b) Stout Fields- Grasslands grant and New England Trails Grants are submitted.

c) Hawk Hill- Chip has contacted the owners through Lois and is waiting for an answer on a proposed meeting.

3. Garden & Art Tour Committee members, Catherine Lyons, Sharon Mann and Cheryl Fox met and have scheduled the tour for Saturday, June 18th. Proposed gardens to be included are 59 Duncaster Road, 1 Adams Road, 35 Burr Road, and Stone Hill Drive ending the day with a reception at 27 Duncaster Rd. They are looking for an additional garden possibly in eastern Bloomfield. An informational stop at the bottom of Stout's fields will be highlighted. The five garden tour and garden reception costs are being worked out by the committee. Discount for membership is being discussed. David Sullivan will donate the wine. Himali Shah has volunteered for the garden committee. Additional volunteers to call Catherine Lyons at 860-726-9434.

4. Bike Tour Committee of Vic Herson, Dale Bertoldi, Val Mendizabal, Cary Henderson and Jay Stoccatore is being formed to plan a summer bike tour.

5. The Ct. Forest and Park Trails Day is scheduled for June 4 and 5. Paula Jones and Kevin Gough will lead a 9:30 Farmington River Park Hike which will be followed by an 11:30 Speer Preserve to Heublein Tower hike lead by Jay Stoccatore. Kevin and Jay will coordinate the submission to Ct. Forest and Park. Ct. Forest and Park will advertise the event.

6. Treasurer’s Report: Checking and Savings: $21,839.58.Renewed Membership for Rivers Alliance, $35 and Land Trust Alliance, $250 are renewed.Land Trust Alliance Chubb Insurance renews on October 31st for $1576 covering general Liability and an umbrella policy.PO.Box has been paid for $96 through October 2011.Acquisition cost of Privilege Road: December 2009, Ct. Home Builder donated $1000 to cover $488.88 in taxes and $902 in legal fees.Acquisition cost on additional Speer Property: February 2010 Elisabeth Speer Donated $1,555.61 to cover $938.31 in taxes and $1,049 in legal fees.Acquisition cost on 26 Terry Plains: February Michael and Naomi Cohen donated $1000 to cover 1,009 in legal fees, taxes are not yet due.WLT has a $1000 short fall on these acquisitions.Robinson and Cole has made a donation of $1000 and should be invited to join at the corporate level.

7. Membership:New and renewing members are Wendy Wolcott, Chip Caton, Catherin Lyons, Claudia and Walter Gwardyak, Patrick Sullivan, Richard and Jane Pierce, Linda Pagani, Tim Wolf, Jane and Skip House.

8. A metal detector has requested access to the property. Vikki will review guidelines and report next meeting.

9. Next meeting February 27, 3-4 at 52 Duncaster Road. Adjourn

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keep Bloomfield Farming

On March 1 from 7:00-9:00 at the Marilyn Michaelson Senior Center, 330 Park Avenue Bloomfield, CT, the second Conway School discussion on farming will be held. The first was held on February 3 and well attended. From a list of five farming issues, the participates identified food security as most important. The discussions are part of the Connecticut Agriculture Farmland Viability Grant received by the Bloomfield Planning, the Open Space Subcommittee and the Land Trust in December 2010. Conclusions of the study will be published as an addendum to the Bloomfield Plan of Conservation and Development. The Students of Conway School of Landscape Design who are assisting the Farmland Viability Team will be hosting the meeting. The Graduate students will be locating and GIS mapping open space and farmland in Bloomfield. They will also be looking at criteria for evaluating farmland and making recommendations to the Farmland Viability Team. Public is encouraged to attend. Support for local foods, farming, clean water, wildlife and trails is very much appreciated.


12/18/2010, 171 Still Road, West Hartford, Ct

Present: Paula Jones, Kevin Gough, Chip Caton, Catherine Lyons, Dale Bertoldi, Vikki Reski, Tamara Hochman, Oliver Hochman, Jonathan Hochman, Jay Stocctore, Claudia Bell, Walter Gwardyak , Vic Herson, Gail Herson, Anne Farnum, Homer Gilmartin, Jane and Bradley Nadel-Klein, Reynolds Onderdonk, Georgette Nemr, Lily Onderdonk, Wendy Wolcott, Jeff Small, Hannah Roditi, Hanna’s Friend, Jane House, Louis House (Skip), Donna Mages, Jim Kandik -Windsor Land Trust Trustee, Mary Johnson, Remie Hochman, Liam Hockman and Joey Hochman

Wintonbury and Trust thanks all the individuals that made the Holiday Celebration a successful party celebrating the year of new members and donations. Special thanks go to the Hockmans for the wonderful food, drink and musical entertainment.