Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Agenda, April 21, 2013

1.    Minutes Approval 2/27/2013
Canada Lily- Capewell Greene, Paula Jones
2.    Special Projects/Announcements
a)       2013 Connecticut Land Conservation Conference,"Can Open Space be Permanently Protected?", Dale Bertoldi and Vikki Reski attended.
b)       FRWA and Simsbury Land Trust, Dick Davis will present A Landowner Outreach and Negotiation Workshop on May 28th, 2013 from 6:30 to 8pm at the Simsbury Library Program Room. Send RSVP to Amy Petras via email or call at (860) 658-4442 x201
c)       New Town Manager feedback sessions with Randi Frank were in the Council chambers on April 17 at 10:30 AM, 2 PM or 4 PM.,, 203-284-3707
3.    Organizational Assessment and Strategic Plan
a)        Conflict of Interest Draft  (board see attached) Paula Jones and Diane Mack
b)        CCLC grant update.
4.    Committee Reports- come with report prepared
a)       Acquisitions: Lisa Lane-Marc Needleman has given title report for Lisa Lane to DEEP and NRCS for review.
b)        LaSalette Trail/Hawk Hill-1172 Northeast Farm Preservation grant written for Hawk Hill, $50,000 was submitted.  Notifications are on later than May10th. After meeting with the Hartford Foundation Chip and Vikki have updated the Proposal on the LaSalette Trail. It is expected t be heard by the board at the July meeting.
c)       Open Space: DEEP Trails Grant 2013 - 2014 grant round was submitted by the Town of Bloomfield for Filley Park section of the LaSalette Trail. Jonathan Thiesse, the Town Engineer produced the final document. Thanks to Lois Hager, Diane Mack and Vikki Reski for doing the initial coordination and writing. The deadline was March 29, 2013.
d)       Financial- end 2012 account balances: Financial subcommittee met on Thursday February 28. See attached financial documents for board review and comment. Kevin Gough has started the financial documents for use in the 2012 990 taxes based on the 2012 summary.
e)       The 490 status to Stout Fields was reinstated thanks to the cooperative efforts of Town Staff, the Stout Family, Jeff Roy, Vikki Reski and Diane Mack.
f)        Events:
1.       Celebrate LaSalette Trail on April 27 1:00 to 4:00. Subcommittee meeting on the 22th at 2:30
2.       Stewardship Maintenance on Stout Fields and Trail Maintenance on Speer Preserve May 4, 10:00.
3.       Trails Day, June 1 through the 3. Paula and Kevin will lead this year’s hike at Seabury.
4.       Bike Tour on June 15 with a rain date June 16.
g)       Community Outreach: Duncaster Retirement Community
h)       Stewardship: Thrall: Clearing grant status. Viability Grant status. Farm Lease status.
i)         Membership: Welcome Knute and Michelle Peterson, lifetime, and Anne Wall. Thank you to all existing members who renewed. Please mail in your membership to P.O box 734 or renew on-line.
j)         Board Positions and subcommittee positions: See attached ‘Leaders on Board’, a nonprofit which links non-profits with prospective board members.
    1. Additional members,  community outreach
5.    Next meeting Dates: May19, 7:00, June 29, 7:00.