Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wintonbury Land Trust Meeting Minutes 05/16/2013

WINTONBURY LAND TRUST – May 16, 2013, 52 Duncaster Road, Bloomfield  
Present:  Dale Bertoldi, Chip Caton, Kevin Gough, Doris Johnson, Paula Jones, Vikki Reski
1.      The April 21, 2013 minutes were approved as submitted. 
2.      Special Projects/Announcements – one new announcement was made.  Auer Farm is having a farm dinner on May 23rd.   The menu is posted on the farm’s website.
3.      Committee Reports

a) Stewardship:

1.      Thrall Farm:  Thrall Stewards Kevin Gough and Paula Jones presented a draft farm lease and corresponding financial worksheet.  Kevin and Paula have worked closely with Dale Bertoldi and Vikki Reski and Newgate Farms in drafting the lease.  The Board approved moving forward with the lease arrangement as presented.  Kevin and Paula will come back to the Board for review and approval of the final lease with Newgate Farms.

2.      Stout Fields:  The stewardship baseline on Stout Fields was done on May 7th.  A first cut of the fields will be done at the end of June.  The management concept is that it would be most effective to manage the three fields (the two Stout Fields and a nearby state-owned field in Penwood Park) together.

3.      Speer Preserve:  A work party of four people did maintenance on Speer Preserve on May 11th.   We have received complaints from neighbors about four-by-fours using the property.  The work party left a large downed pine tree in place to block access for motorized vehicles to help allay neighbors’ concerns and protect the property. 

b) Acquisitions:

1.      Lisa Lane:  Town Attorney Marc Needleman is updating the title report for Lisa Lane based on DEEP comments.

2.      LaSalette Trail/Hawk Hill:  A 1772 Northeast Farm Preservation grant was written for Hawk Hill.  The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (HFPG) is expected to review the Proposal on the LaSalette Trail in its July meeting.

c) Grants:

1.      The DEEP Trails Grant (2013 - 2014 grant round) was submitted.

2.      The CTNAAP application is due May 30 in Bloomfield.  We decided to forego applying for the program for Thrall Farm in Windsor this year and will reconsider next year.

d)     Financial Committee – The committee submitted a request for extension for 2012 taxes.  The committee will meet in June to continue the work needed to file taxes.

e) Events:

1.      Celebrate LaSalette Trail on April 27th was a success with over 100 people participating.

2.      Our CT Trails Day Weekend event is June 2 at Seabury Community.  Kevin Gough and Paula Jones will lead this year’s hike.

3.      The Bike Tour is scheduled for June 15th with a rain date June 16th. Flyers and posters have been printed and will be distributed.  Individuals can register online at www.wintonburylandtrust.org or at the Farmington River Park, 460 Tunxis Avenue Ext. on the day of the ride.  Special thanks to (1) Robin Sherwood of Sherwood and Company for her design work on the event materials, (2) REI for financial support, and to (3) Konica, Inc. of Windsor for donating printing services.

f)  Community Outreach: Diana Hughes and Wendy Wolcott are working on a newsletter. 

g) Membership: Welcome to new member Flo Grieb. Thank you to all existing members who renewed.  Please mail in your membership to P.O box 734 or renew on-line at www.wintonburylandtrust.org.

4.      Organizational Assessment and Strategic Plan

a)    Conflict of Interest Policy:  Active board members have signed the statement:  “I have read and agree to abide by the Wintonbury Land Trust Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy.”   As Committees meet, Committee members will be asked to sign the same statement. 

b)    CCLC grant update:  Chip Caton reported that Hannah Roditi had used all her remaining hours on the HFPG grant application.  Chip will provide a final accounting of Hannah’s time/work spent during the course of this grant.

5.      Board Positions and subcommittee positions:  The next ‘Leaders on Board’ event is June 11th at 7:00 P.M.  Dale Bertoldi and Doris Johnson will represent the WLT.  The purpose of this “speed-dating” event is to introduce non-profits to potential new Board candidates.  In preparation for this event, Board members were asked to e-mail their top 3 priorities (in no rank order) as to skill set desired in new Board candidates.

6.      New Business:  Chip Caton brought up the question of whether we should update our logo/letterhead.  We agreed that this should be placed as an agenda item for an upcoming meeting, along with our current operational budget, as well as consideration of other expenses and potential operational needs.  There was a brief discussion on the topic – whether that work was truly needed, and if so, what other options existed for having the work done (e.g., design contest at a post-secondary educational institution).  Chip offered to ask Robin Sherwood for a cost estimate for such art work in preparation for the discussion.

7.      Upcoming meeting dates:  June 20th and July 28th, 7 P.M., 52 Duncaster Road.

 Recorded by Paula Jones