Monday, June 28, 2010

June 5, 2010
Trails Day
Re: $2000 Sustainability Green Team Mini Grant

1. Clear 5' opening on fence path to the potato barn
2. Clear 5' opening on fence path to northeast property corner and road path
3. Look at linking the road path to wetlands path to the west
4. Look at the trimming east side of tobacco barn
5. Mapping of trail

Volunteer Hours
Chip Caton 3.5
Dale Bertoldi 4.5
Jay Stoccatore 3.5
Himali Shah 3.5
Vikki Reski 3.5
John Whiting 1.5

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Earth Day Hike 2010-Pond to Hilltop

The Wintonbury Land Trust’s re-scheduled Earth day Hike met at the Stone House in the La Salette Open Space at 120 Mountain Ave on May 2 at 2:00. The enthusiastic group of prepared explorers set off through the Historic upper farm fields of La Salette on the farm road leading south-south west to the opening in the tree line at the field’s edge. Our group admired the framed panoramic view of Hartford as the grassed path descended the hill to a pond and wetlands crossing. The trail was a little wet but all participates were surprised to see a serenely set pond to the north of the path.
Woodpecker tapping was heard as the hikers ascended the old roadbed in surprising good condition. Large expansive trees ever present line the road edges and a fence line to the right marks Bloomfield town property from private. The road lead up the hill to a high point near an old ski slope. At this point paths lead a couple directions.
In order to reach our destination, the cul-de-sac at the end of Rye Hollow Drive and the Wintonbury Land Trust Sinnot Farm Knoll, our hikers continued on the left hand path which was reopened recently by the Wintonbury Land Trust. As the group followed the trail it became apparent that the land to the right was older growth forest and to the right a field grown up. Many invasives were established on the right; to the left the forest was clean.
At reaching the cedar forest falls we turned east to find the old oak and fencing which marked the property line of the east facing foot of the La Salette Open Space. This is where we descended along a path which leads to the cul-de-sac. The Sinnot Farms Knoll lays to the right of the road and encircles a small enclave of homes.
Turning back to retrace our steps we discover the path descending the hill is a red blazed trail.
Highlights on the hike are the gorgeous Ramps and Red Trillium.

WINTONBURY LAND TRUST April 25, 2010, 1:30-2:00 pm, 52 Duncaster Road
Present: Dale Bertoldi, Vikki Reski, Chip Caton, Jay Stoccatore, Himali Shah, Tamara Hochmann

1. Call to Order/ approval of minutes.
2. CEEC and Wintonbury Land Trust DEP Grants Update
-Objectives of Land Acquisition- sent to members for review
-Letter of Support from WLT will be sent with the Town of Bloomfield Lisa Lane/Pitz Farm Application.
-WLT will offer Stewardship of the Development Rights of Lisa Lane/Pitz Farm to the Town of Bloomfield.
3. Hamilton Sundstrand $2000 Sustainability Grant.
-Himali applied for the grant for the Wintonbury Land Trust. She used the language from a past grant which WLT applied for. We agreed that the development of trails and removal of invasive species at the Thrall Farm would be the focus. Vikki will write an outline for the grant and send this and some maps to Himali. Chip offered to meet with the officials administrating the grant and receive the check; possible PR with the Windsor paper.

-Trails Day is June 6. Jay suggested a work party could be the kick off for this grant. Vikki will speak with Mark Hall of Stefan Farms to inform and coordinate with him concerns about this grant and the project.
4. Dale Bertoldi, Chip Caton, Paul Repasy and Vikki Reski meet with the Grange on April 6th to answer any questions about the proposal to have the WLT take possession. No decision was forthcoming.
5. Three new members were added to the Land Trust Membership; Hannah Roditi, Nathaniel Strick and Jennifer Carvalho and Cary Henderson and Robin Sherwood. Welcome.
6. The Public Meeting on the Plan of Conservation and Development at the Town of Bloomfield was well attended. Preservation of Open Space was one of the greatest concerns of the citizens in attendance. Two more public hearing are to be scheduled in June and July. June meeting I June 29 at 7:00 at the Senior Citizen Center, 330 Park Avenue. The Plan of Conservation and Development is a ten year plan and sets the direction of conservation and development in Bloomfield. All members are encouraged to attend to show their opinions on issues in this plan.
-Values of Open Space: Quality of life, increase of land values, water quality, storm water runoff control, farmland preservation/local foods, environmental education, wildlife habitat and corridors, ecotourism and property tax values.
-Development issues concerning quality of environment: Low Impact Development for storm water and coverage, encourage Smart Growth for redevelopment of sites in existing core areas, implement farm friendly zoning changes, ordinances and business supports, preservation of historical buildings and sites, walkable town center, recreation and wildlife corridors mapped and preserved through proposed developments and Conservation Subdivision designs with higher levels of land set asides, diversity and %.
7. Hike has been rescheduled to May 2 at 2:00; meet in LaSalette by Stone House. Hikers should have good shoes and water. Web site was updated to rain cancellation this morning.
8. Hannah Roditi has requested to work with the Land Trust on a project for her Master Gardener Certification. Chip Caton has requested that Vikki speak with her about a possible project.
9. The National Land Trust Rally will be held in Hartford this year, October2 thru 5th. There are scholarships available for land trust officers. Chip and Vikki expressed interest. Applications are due mid July.
10. Chip has been speaking to John Stout about the Stout’s field and access to Penwood Park from Stone Hill Road. This access will be closed for one day and reopen the next. Jeff Roy will be haying the field this year.
11. Adjourn