Friday, July 22, 2011

WINTONBURY LAND TRUST Meeting July 6, 2011

Present: Claudia Bell, Chip Caton, Dale Bertoldi, Vic Herson, Tamara Hochman, Vikki Reski

1. Fundraising Project

a) Bafflin Grant announcements are expected sometime this week. A Grant Letter was sent for Lisa Lane/ Stout Fields/ Thrall Barn with project attachments.

b) Stout Fields: NRCS grasslands awarded to DEP and WLT. DEP will hold Development Rights. Chip, Vikki and Diane had a good meeting with Beth Brothers at DEP. An appraisal of the property will be bid and paid for by DEP. Easement value is typically 85-90% of total land value.

c) Lisa Lane: NRCS Farmland grant submitted with Bloomfield Town having ownership of land and Land Trust holding the Development Rights. Chip and Vikki met with NRCS state Conservationist Jay Mar and Kip Kolesinskas at Lisa Lane last week for a walk through on the farm. Privately $28,000 has been committed. With an additional $2,000 an anonymous matching grant of $10,000 will be triggered. The funding needs to be in place by the end of the year.

d) Thrall received a New England Grassroots Environment Fund of $1,250, check received, for clearing. The Land Trust will provide matching man hours in a fall work party.

2. Special Projects

a) Bike Tour- thanks to the entire volunteer staff that helped make the Bike Tour a success. The net of $197 added a positive financial reward. Our goal of exposure and the priceless goodwill created are most appreciated. Vic Herson, event coordinator, looks forward to next year. Special thanks to Bob Kaczmarczyk of Avon Country Deli for coordinating food, REI for door prizes and bike checks and Ted Paulsen for the art work. See the blog for more information.

b) The Wintonbury Land Trust sponsored two Trails Day Hikes on June 4. Kevin Gough and Paula Jones guided 22 people at Farmington River Park, Jay Stocctore & Himali Shah guided 20 on the hike from Speer Property to tower and back. See Facebook for photos.

c) Garden & Art Tour- netted $5,258.25 to be divided among three accounts: Lisa Lane, Stout Fields, general steward. Special thanks to Cheryl hosting after party, David Sullivan for the wine donated and Robin Sherwood for the donated art work.

d) A Geocache has been set up off first leg of the VanOtterloo Trail in the lower section of the site. Thanks to Homer Guilmartin the leg to the pond is being mowed.

3. Committee Reports

a) Acquisitions: Sigrun Gadwa, a wetlands biologist contacted WLT about buying 5-6 acres of wetlands property to replace wetlands being developed. Dale has contacted Jim Kandik at Windsor Land Trust for land around the Barber Pond. Dale and Dale discussed a joint approach.

b) Stewardship: Thrall/ Kevin Paula, Dale and Vikki meet with a prospective Farmer at Thrall. CL&P and Capewell Greene planting is being coordinated and will add 6 plants near the entrance to Capewell Greene off Adams Road. A dead tree on Cohen Property has been removed at a cost of $500 by Connelly and Hamilton. Dale spoke to the abutting neighbor about donating to the land trust. Kevin Connelly donated tree work from the removal of a fallen tree off VanOtterloo two years ago. Thank you Kevin, your work is most appreciated. Check out the geocache at Van Otterloo

c) Membership: Welcome new members Seth Shaw, Sharon Mann (life), Kenneth Karpowicz, Homer Guilmartin (life), Karen Peters, Dale and Sally Richter, Dianne Libbey and Steven Zuckerman, Cecilia Calhoun and Bob Firger, Cary Henderson and Robin Sherwood (life), Catherine and Philip Reynolds (life).

d) Grants: Ag Viability/ Conway School of Landscape Design, WLT and The Open Space Subcommittee composed a letter to introduce the study to the Bloomfield Plan of Conservation and Development. Final work on the Toolbox, criteria, farming statement and open space corridors are be coordinated.

The CCLC Challenge Grant submission went in and announcements are expected in end of August.

Chip and Hannah will research upgrade of membership costs.

e) Treasurer: Tami needs to step down as treasurer but will continue to work with the web site and internet. Tami will post mailchip newsletters when assembled by marketing; Tami to remain a board member.

Report- Balances: Lisa Lane Savings: $20,001.62, Stout Fields Savings: $2,000.28 + $500 from General Fund to keep account open without a fee, General Steward Savings: $27,711.18, Checking: $2,000, Trading Account: $748.08

Lisa Lane and Stout Fields accounts are being converted to money market accounts to earn more interest. The rates compare to one-year CDs but offer more flexibility.

f) Secretary: Vikki would like to step down from the secretary role in the land Trust and concentrate on stewardship, acquisitions and grants.

g) Marketing: Chip suggested a marketing sign for Stouts. He will check into pricing. Tami suggested a celebration on the grasslands grant in Penwood Park this fall. The Lisa Lane Farm celebration has been scheduled for August 10 rain date the 17th. We expect speakers and activities for families. Save the date.

4. Meetings: A special board meeting on August 6 at Avon Country Deli at 9:00 will discuss board positions and Committee members. At Present committees are Acquisitions, Fundraising, Grants, Membership, Publicity, Stewardship, Events. Meeting will be verified.

Next open meeting is August 24.

5. ‘Mother Nature’s Child’ will be shown at the Prosser Library on Tuesday July 26, 2011 at 7:00pm. The film is about the importance of outdoor education in children’s life. The mental and physical health needs of child will be enhanced through outdoor educational opportunities. Outdoor education is being recognized through several grant programs. Teachers are being certified and opportunities for land trusts to provide stewardship to our youngest members is important.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Edible Wild Plants of the Northeast on July 14th

East Granby Land Trust and The East Granby Library will be presenting John Root speaking about Edible Wild Plants of the Northeast on July 14th at the East Granby Library, 7pm.

“Mother Nature’s Child” on July 26

Bloomfield CEEC and Prosser Library will showing “Mother Nature’s Child” on July 26 at 7:00 pm at the library. Discussions will follow.