Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009, 2:00-4:00 pm at Thrall Preserve, 490 Old Day Hill Road,
Windsor, Ct , Barn #1
Sunny 88 deg.
Present: Dale Bertoldi, Tamara Hochman, Chip Caton, Vikki Reski, Hanna Bertoldi,
John Whiting, Ken Whiting, Parker, Diane Wassell and
Anne Farnum
1.The 12-acre Thrall Preserve was donated in 2007 by Win-Stanley
Properties. The fruit trees around the property were in full bloom, and greeted
the WLT and visitors. The path to barn #1 traversed meadowland containing
shrub clusters near the pond. At the tobacco barn a display of the property map produced jointly by WLT and the Town of Bloomfield was set up. WLT
will write a letter to Thom Hooper thanking him for allowing Thangu Narasimham,GIS specialist at the Town of Bloomfield who helped with this effort. This map will be featured on the web site soon to be available at
2. Diane Wassell, the neighbor across Old Day Hill Road provided some
background about the property, originally owned by the Thrall Tobacco Farm who received it after their participation in the Revolutionary War. In the 1960’s
the property and two barns were used in a film entitled ‘Parish’. Diane has
spotted bear, fishers, jackrabbit, possum, raccoon, fox, coyote and deer on this property. Francis Mocklis in Windsor was a foreman at Thrall for many years and could give additional background. Other neighbors on Old Day Hill are Dan Giridian, Sandy Silvers and Shelia Banks.
3. Vice President Chip Canton spotted two Brown Thrashers, #4 on the
Conservation Composite Score and a priority for the Ct Audubon Society
and Partners in Flight.
4. The stewardship program was discussed. Vikki asked Daine Wassell and
Ken Whiting if they would be neighborhood representatives for this parcel. The
Blog at is currently being used for notes and steward information.
5. Tamara spoke to several prospective members and has e-mailed their information to Vikki.
6. Diane led the group on a hike around the property. There is pear, wild rose and blackberries near the barns in the meadowland, woodlands behind the barns, and wetland within the woods. In addition to the barns and pond site features are established paths, fence lines, and flagged trees. There are no paths in the WLT woodland west of the Town of Windsor wetland property. This woodland has thick growth.

7. Chip spotted a Wood Anemone 4”-8” which blooms April to June. The early spring sun highlighted the lycopodeum
(interrupted club moss ) ground cover that we found in the wooded area around the wetlands.